Yorktown Memorial Hospital

These photos were taken at the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas. Yorktown Memorial Hospital was built and operated by the Felician Sisters and the Catholic Hospital. The “Memorial” part of the title was meant to memorize the many men in the area who had fought in World War II. The hospital was built through fundraising, local donors, and grants from even the Ford Motor Company. The idea for the hospital came out of need, since the nearest hospital was located in San Antonio.  Construction got underway in 1950 and the hospital opened in 1951. The hospital operated successfully for many years, the nearby Nordheim, TX newspaper lists a total of 600 deaths in a six year period – quite a large amount for the size of the hospital and the area. The hospital closed in 1986 after a bigger, better hospital opened up in nearby Cuero. After the hospital closed, it was turned into a drug rehabilitation facility, which was eventually shut down by the state for their inability to control their patients. One patient walked across the street to the feed store and slapped an employee in the face. While it was a rehab center, a double murder took place in the basement. One female employee was involved with not only a co-worker, but also a patient. The patient survived the encounter saying he was in the basement with the female worker when the other male co-worker discovered them and stabbed her to death. Then the patient claimed to have wrestled the knife away from the male worker and stabbed him in self-defense. Another man died of a drug overdose when his friends dropped his lifeless body off at the emergency entrance to the facility, rang the emergency buzzer, and drove off. It is believed TJ’s spirit still roams the hospital, as a large very black shadow is seen walking through the basement constantly.

Read more: http://www.therussellrushhauntedtour.com/articles/all-haunted-tour-investigations-463830/yorktown-memorial-hospital-10511381/#ixzz4AepTJXaz


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