The Traveling Postcards

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This is a collection of the postcards I have sent and received from around the world. I will be posting the postcards as they come in.

Greetings from Texas!

Happy Postcrossing!
My name is Veronica and I live in San Antonio, Texas (home of the Alamo). I am very active on social media and I am a photographer and graphic designer. I have a passion for photography, especially for black and white. I love working with technology, blogging, creating digital art and posting to my Instagram account. I am also interested in stationary, journals and writing utensils. If I am not out taking a road trip or photographing, I am either writing postcards, collecting them or binge watching TV.


I like to document my travels, road trips, postcards, life on my blog:

I decided I wanted to join Postcrossing to discover new people and share a little piece of my world.

To Senders: (I am not picky-I promise!) As long as I receive YOUR handwritten note, that means a lot!

-Italian themed: I am obsessed with Italy! Architecture, beach, map themed, statues, people, etc.
-I would love to receive a postcard from the Vatican!

-Frida Kahlo
-Camera related postcards
-Rainy weather/People holding umbrellas
-My two favorite colors are black and gold
-I like landscapes
-Anything about historic architecture, ancient ruins, castles, abandoned places
-Photographic postcards
-Handmade or creative postcards
-Museum themed or current exhibits on display
-Carnation Flowers
-Religious themed: paintings, art, scripture, anything!
-Greetings from… (your state, country, etc.)

My birthday is in September and I would love to receive greeting cards too! Surprise me with your choice. There’s nothing like a hand written note on your birthday! That would be a great present!

In advance, I thank each and every one of you who take the time to send/write a postcard to me!

Safe Travels!



I also participate and a member of Goodreads-The Postcard Exchange.

50 States Postcard

I started collecting postcards from across the United States. Here is their link to the website: 50 State Postcard Exchange