Santa Fe, New Mexico 2016

July 2016

My parents and I had the opportunity to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is a beautiful place to visit and the weather was fantastic for being in the middle of the summer. In the morning, the temperature was 52°, then it will warm up to be in the high 70s by the afternoon. It is the ideal place to be in the summer-especially different from Texas. In Texas, the weather is hot, humid and hot! I would love to spend my summers in Santa Fe.


The Loretto Chapel

On day one, the trip began by walking around the historic town of Santa Fe. Being at close proximity to the Basilica and the Loretto Chapel-it was worth walking around. Throughout the whole, not once did we get in the car. All the shops, churches and restaurants were at walking distance. Back to day one. First stop was the Loretto Chapel. This is what we came to see! The Miraculous Staircase is the most beautiful and enchanting place of art I have ever seen. The wood was very well kept in tact and so amazing to look at. The feeling being in the church felt so majestic. It is a majestic place to be.

Cathedral Park and the Basilica

dsc00047Cathedral Park is another place that is very enchanting and peaceful setting to sit, stop and think. I would love to know what the park looks like during the winter time when it snows.



Cross of the Martyrs






Photos taken by: Veronica Markland






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