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Adventure in Houston

It all began early this morning in San Antonio. It was a work related event, but along the way there were new ventures to be explored. 

First stop: Bucees. I have never been there before and had no idea it had everything. Its so large that it needs its own zip code! After spending some time, I bought a few postcards and on our way we went. 

The remainder of the trip consisted of 18-wheelers and lots of traffic into the city. 

(It always seems longer going than coming back home

As we approached Houston, traffic jams galore! We eventually and finally reached our destination. 

Houston has grown and the highway system is insane. Although there are many lanes, it seems no one knows where they are going. The skyline is pretty and more buildings have been built. I was able to capture a view of Carvana; their garage looks like a car vending machine. 

I was able to catch a glimpse of their transit system while downtown-it’s fast. 

After spending an hour and a half for a work meeting, we headed back towards San Antonio. 

While on the expressway, we saw the most elaborate funeral procession-the photos shall explain. 

Finally lunch time! Yes, it was a late lunch but well worth the wait. We made a stop at Schobel’s. 

On the road again, led us into a huge storm. Thankfully, we didn’t run into any severe weather but there was a lot of rain. 
Finally, we made it back to San Antonio safely. It was a successful, productive, and adventurous day. 

Photos by: Veronica Markland 2017; Daytrip to Houston