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Camera Postage

This is still one of my all-time favorite postcards! I love everything about it; the stamps, the image and the message. I love it so much I am re-posting it again.



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The Lake at Sunset

©2017 Veronica Markland Photography
©2017 Veronica Markland Photography


The lake near Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.

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The Blue Ferris Wheel at Night…

Last night, during a foggy and drizzling night, I was able to capture the blue Ferris wheel. I have always been fascinated with the rides at the carnival 

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Fog, Drizzle and a Carnival at Night…

I’ve always like taking photos of the rides at the carnival. It was something I use to do in Dallas when I would develop my photos in the dark room. The effects are not the same with a digital camera, but it will do for now. Here are some of the raw images from tonights random photo adventure.


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A foggy morning commute…

This morning the fog was thick and heavy. It was a treacherous drive on the way to work. To better understand what the morning drive looked like, I took a photo from the front yard of where I work. Beyond the fog is a street and houses.