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“More Love Letters…”


I recently found this website “More Love Letters” via Pipsticks-it is a very cool website writing letters to strangers. I know the title of the website may indicate something different, but it is more than your average “love letter”.

According to their website, they are wanting to make people happy by having strangers from around the world handwrite letters to people who are experiencing hardship, a loss, a tragic event, or simply to say something positive.

It begins by reading the persons personal story of their event and writing a letter to the address shown by the postmark date.

I personally, would like to participate. If I could use my words using my own handwriting to cheer up a person just for a moment will be amazing!




One thought on ““More Love Letters…”

  1. This is a beautiful and sweet idea. Thank you for sharing! There’s another website that reminds me of this, called Send Kids The World, where you mail a postcard to a child who’s been diagnosed with a disease. The idea is sweet, simple, and kind. ❤ I’m always happy to hear about wonderful sites such as these.


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