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Postcard Update

Australia 1
Received from Tasmania, Australia. July 2016.
Oregon 1
Received from Eugene, Oregon. July 2016.
Oregon 2
Received from Eugene, Oregon. July 2016.

Recently, I joined a group who send postcards to people all across the world. I find this very interesting because not only do you communicate with another person, but you also learn about there part of the world. It could be the stamp that is used to mail the postcard, the type of paper that the postcard is made out of, or simply how that person writes in their own penmanship.

I find it fascinating how a postcard made out of thick paper can travel across this country better yet, the world and make in one piece!

Since joining this group, it has opened up a whole new land of communicating. So, in a world of social media (which I will always be into), having this time to take a moment and write a note or just to say hi is fun and I hope I can continue.

Here are some of the postcards I have received in the past month!



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